Saturday, August 29, 2009

meet the flintstones

I have met the flintstones all right. They are in vitamin form, and they are gummy. I may or may not have consumed 4 yesterday. They are so good. I mean, sooooooo good. They taste just like those princess candy gummy things. I have ate the recommended amount today, good thing I will be out of my dorm all day today.. It's an addiction. One of my friends scared me, and told me all the bad things that could happen from overdosing on vitamins. I will refrain. I will try, they are just sooooo good.


Morgandi said...

MaKenna, I am staging an intervention as we speak. Stay away from the Flinstone Vitamins!

Amy said...

Haha! I'm so glad I sort of made it into your blog. :) I'm pretty sure you'd have to eat the whole container of Flinstones for some of those effects, but I'm thinking it's best to not find out for yourself how many it takes for some of the more...obvious effects.