Friday, September 4, 2009

serious depression.

Pac Rim '09 is leaving tomorrow.

Pac Rim '08 is done. FOREVER.

I cried in chapel today, the study abroad programs always sit in the front and stand up and we pray for them. I cried, soon gained my composure and then they showed a wishing well video of precious African Kids, I than cried again. What has come of me??

I am seriously so sad that I am not going on Pac Rim. It makes me sad that that once in a life experience, is over. It was so good. It just went by so fast.

I guess it just makes me realize not to give up experiences and opportunities that I have. Because, they wont come around again. Life is too short to not take those chances.

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Amy said...

I love you so much! Erin and I were carrying flags today and stood next to each other. We were both hoping we'd miss that part where they all stand up and blah, blah. :( But we didn't. Then we tried to start a war between Israel and Italy since we were holding those flags.

Let's talk with Mammy about having dinner at their house this week. I miss everyone and I still haven't seen half our group!!

Don't worry, Makenna. We'll always have Hawaii. ;)