Thursday, October 29, 2009

what would you do if I sang out of tune..

Chase and I (mostly chase) have been watching tv series.
He downloads them, and we watch them, and I love it.
We have watched 30 rock, 3rd rock from the sun, and others that I always fall asleep watching.
We just started watching The Wonder Years.
I remember always liking but not being able to watch it, but I did of course watch it with older siblings.
It is kind of dirty, I mean I dont think people would notice now, but of course I do cause im watching it through 7 year old eyes again, because I wasnt allowed to watch it in the first place.
I sometimes get the feeling that I am breaking the rules.
I have never watched friends, because I wasnt allowed too.
I have never watched a lot of older things that everybody watched because I wasnt allowed to.
I think that is funny, I am 21 years old and I feel guilty watching The Wonder Years.
It is so wonderful though, I really love it.
Even though I fall asleep... I am just so tried when we watch it.

so please watch the wonder years... you wont be sorry.

I cant upload a video to blogger... I dont know how.
Here is the theme song for The Wonder Years though..

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