Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Instead of just one cake I am wanting to go with different cakes/different flavors/different everything.
I am super excited about this and I hope it works out.
I am still of course going to have cupcakes and pies accompanying the cakes.
I have my first appointment with the baker for Wednesday the 11Th. I am terribly excited.
She is a baker located in Norman.
Her shop is called Sugar.

So since I am going for the multiple cake theme, this might be something it will turn out as.
The above picture might be too gaudy for me so I am might see if she can do this idea for my one of my cakes.

If the twilight cake doesn't go over too well or if it is too pricey I might just go with this cake, but duh my dress would be on it.
Chase really wants this to be his grooms cake.

here are some more cakes that are in the running
(all pictures of cakes are from here)

*** Chase wants me to tell everyone that I am being sarcastic. He said that he didn't know if certain people would be able to pick up on my sarcasm of this post. I reassured him that the only people that read this are my sister and mom. If they even read this anymore...***


jeni burrows said...

i read and laugh. :)

Morgandi said...

What? You're being sarcastic? I'm SOOOO glad Chase cleared that one up. These cakes are hilarious. Please do the Twilight cake. I think that would really add something beautiful to your wedding.

jd said...

that is so funny. What about the classic armadillo cake?

We had 3 cakes of different sizes and flavors, they turned out really well! OH yum. Sometimes I try to remember what they tasted like. Yeah, it was good.