Monday, November 16, 2009

June 19th 2010

you have been picked out for
7 months and couple of weeks now
I really didn't want to get married on you.
I wanted to get married in May (October, you are just too far away)
May won't work
I didn't realize how much I did not want too
Until, I read my wedding journal.
I had all these other dates picked, and told chase I DONT want to get married on this day
It just doesn't sound good.
But alas,
That is how my life makes its decisions, of the opposite of what I want.
God laughs at me daily, probably hourly, because of this problem I have of everything always happening the way I thought I didnt want it.

June 19th,
I take back everything bad I said/thought about you.
Thanks for being my wedding date.
Now please have perfect weather.
Thank you.

**The weather forecast should be looking good. 5 other couples than myself, (from OC) are getting married on this date. Lots and lots of prayers will be said about this date.**
***Because of my luck, everyone that is getting married on June 19th should probably reconsider, There will probably be snow in the morning, flood by lunch, tornado by 7. If you are having it inside in a tornado shelter you should be fine.***


Morgandi said...

Your wedding day will be perfect no matter what day it is. Rain or shine, you're getting married!

Courtney said...

MaKenna! We have to think positively, okay? I'm freaking out too. We both hate our wedding date. I'll pray for you; you pray for me.