Sunday, January 24, 2010

boobs mcgee got a sale

Chase did wedding stuff with me this weekend, and it might be the last, even though the first part is all about him.
First we went to Men's Wearhouse.
I don't want chase in a tux, I want him in a suit.
Well, a vest and tie ensemble to be exact.
I have the perfect one found.
Its just not rentable.
found a tux we liked
but it's a tux, and Chase isn't going to prom, and I fear that is what he looks like.
so we are still on the search, or I am.
Well, he went with me to this place where they rent out tables, chairs, tents, etc.
The girl that helped us, had a very very very very very very low cut dress.
She also had a nice rack.
So thats probably why it was on display.
Good thing she had a bra on is all I have to say.
Anyway, she convinced me that this is the place to rent and I am renting from them.
Good job boobs mcgee you got the sale.
Next time,
give those girls a break
and be a little more respectful.

Got the tent
now just need to go back and rent the rest.

Caterer here I come.

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