Wednesday, February 17, 2010

They'll name a city after us.

They'll name a city after us
and later say its all our fault.

In fall 2008
I got the opportunity to travel the world.
It was one of the best things that happened to me,
for many reasons.

One reason is I was separated from Chase for 3 months with hardly any conversation.
When you do something like this, you change, you change in so many ways, that most of the time, couples don't make it when they come back. It either makes you or breaks you.

Clearly, it made us.
I am so thankful that I went on pac rim while dating him.
It was hard (Probably harder for him)
But one thing that made it easier
was listening to Regina Spektor.
I would listen to her none stop
one song that would give me comfort was

It's wonderful, and I love it.
My favorite part is,

"They'll name a city after us,
and later say it's all our fault,
then they'll give us a talking to,
then they'll give us a talking to,
cause they have years of experience."

So if you are apart from your loved one, I recommend listening to Regina.


tiffany.stafford said...

i love that song!

chase said...

too bad we couldn't just go on pac rim together