Monday, March 29, 2010


People need to understand private matters.
No matter WHO you are.
Be respectful, and don't be dramatic.
What people decide to do with their lives is THEIR decision.
Who they let or not let in their lives, doesn't involve you.
Especially if you are not involved in their life to begin with.
Don't try to be involved and tell people who it will hurt, because it just hurts them, and hurts the people you are talking about.
It also makes you look bad.
Don't try to be involved when you know nothing about the individual.
Regardless what your title is.
You can be "family" but you have to work at it to actually count.

Don't especially try to be involved (dramatic) when you did nothing to help or lend a shoulder to cry on in the first place.

That is what I appreciate so much about my best friends.
They don't get their feelings hurt when things are private or personal to me.
They respect me for who I am, and my decisions.
Of course they are there to tell me the things that no one else will, and tell me to stop being stupid or rude.
They do this, because they know me.
They love me for me.
They have earned this right.

Stay out of other peoples business
I think Salt n' Pepper said it right when they said,
"What's a matter with your life, why you gotta mess with mine, Don't keep sweatin' what I do cause I'm gonna be just fine."

You can watch the video here

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