Monday, March 1, 2010


I made a playlist
a playlist to listen to while I'm running.
To be honest it hasn't been to enjoyable, I like the way I feel after.
I just get bored, and not really motivated while I am running.
I haven't been listening to music.
So I am giving running with music a try.
I know it will work, it has to.

It is an amazing playlist.
All the songs I love to dance too.
Arcade Fire, The ting tings, The White Stripes, even rap songs.
Mom, I am 21, I think its time to let you know I listen to rap, even dance to rap songs, I might even be so inclined to dance while I'm running.
So don't be afraid when you see a tall, not so good, white girl dancing along smiling hill
It's just me.
Loving my playlist.

(if you see a tall handsome man running as fast as lightening, its just chase, not wanting to be associated with me when I bust a move.)

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