Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So far

So far
I can't go to sleep with my home messy
I actually told husband he needed to fold his clothes in his dresser because it looks messy
I made him a sandwich for work, and even put it in a sandwich container.
I have put things away
I am finding a place for everything
I am throwing many things away without a care in the world
and not missing them.
I did the laundry happily and folded it.
I put the folded laundry in its place.
I went to see twilight, new moon, and eclipse last night
I actually texted husband to see what he was doing
and let him know how the movies were going
(I previously would NEVER check in with him)
I am turning into a wife
and for my messy habits I guess this is a good thing.
Let's see how long this lasts.

the movies lasted 7 hours last night
it was a lot of fun
and I only slept through New Moon
that's impressive for me
because the instant a movie comes on
my eyes instantly close.

I also have the most precious nieces.
I got to baby sit them today while my sister was running errands.
If a say so myself they had so much fun
even though stella slept through most of it.
Chloe loves her Uncle Chestes
and would give him cuddles throughout the day.
Probably cause he plays outside with her
and makes scary faces
and he is super cute.

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