Friday, July 2, 2010

Birthday Boy

Husband is 24 today
He is the sweetest birthday boy I know
he did laundry
helped me clean the dishes (kitchen)
after I made (attempted) him his birthday breakfast
which consisted of
bacon, eggs, and chocolate chip pancakes
I may or may not have had to ask him how to make pancakes
and my cover was blown but thats okay
he said he loved it and that he was very thankful
and he finished his whole plate without gagging
(or letting me see him gagging)

he is very selfless
and I am so thankful for him
I am so glad that he was born
my life would be pretty boring if he wasn't born.
here is a funny picture.
its our first picture together.

(he made me waffles later that night, and we became "official" this day as well.)

Happy Birthday Husband!!
I love you so much.

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