Monday, July 5, 2010


I love cats
I love all animals really
but there was time I pretended that I didn't like cats
but I really do...

I bawled like a little baby this one time
when one met my tire
and it ended badly
very badly
and I bawled
did I mention that it was a baby kitten
a BABY and its mom was there
how terrible..

but one must move on

and I want a kitten
but where we live wont allow me to have one
husband doesn't like kittens
but maybe I will remind him of how I killed one
and I must have one to make all things right again..

and maybe I want to name it memory so I can sing this song to it all the time


jasonandjordan said...

I'm just saying .... I'm the same way. But my momma is a cat lover so it was kind of inevitable for me getting one.

We did and Jason loves it so much, he'll call me during the day and say "does my buddy miss me?"....

He used to pretend he hated them. Every i-hate-cat joke in the world, J has said.
Go get one. It's worth it.

Jessica said...

I am in the same boat you are in! I want a cat buuuut we can't in our apartment and Mike HATES cats, like jokes about squishing them HATES them. It makes me sad. I hope we both wear down our cat-haters and get to have one soon! :)