Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sneaky satan

I'm a believer in Christ
I'm not ashamed.
I love him and I need him.
I just can't stand satan.
He is so sneaky and mean.

I just got back from this awesome conference called Women of Faith with my best friends.
I was so refreshed
My heart was so full
I was so ready to begin this school year putting more trust in him
and Satan came and tried to ruin my day yesterday.

So listen here satan
I love my best friends
I trust them
They make me laugh
I know that they have my back
You can't come in between us.

You can't ruin my day
you wanna know why?
Because He is on my side.
He will overcome.
He will guide me where I need to be.
He believes in me, rejoices in me, cries with me, is patient with me,
and he LOVES me.

But you know what satan.
I love him.
I will serve him everyday of my life
till my life is over
but you can't win
cause even in death
he will overcome
and I will get to see His face.

Suck that satan.

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