Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Oh my stars"

I would not be standing here today 
if this girl wasn't standing beside me.
She truly is a blessing in my life
she is an answer to my prayers
she is my best friend soul mate

She has been there for me through everything I have ever gone through
She was there for me when all I could do was cry
she always answered her phone and was wise beyond her years
{and I know that it had to be hard for her to answer every time knowing I was going to bawl}

She is involved in my best memories
She is involved in my most embarrassing memories
{all I have to say is remember that one time beaver and she will know}

I simply cannot put into words the impact she has had in my life
but it is wonderful and I am so thankful for it

thanks tessa for being wonderful

{Tess, just remember what happened colorado}

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