Friday, October 29, 2010


This week is almost over
I cant wait to sleep in tomorrow
{If my husband is reading this, this means that you can't wake me up, turn on the light, or any other activity which might wake me up, when you wake up please shut the door on your way out of the room....if you don't abide by these, I promise you don't want to see the monster that you will awake.}
I had a very rude awakening this morning
I saw very bad test grade at 8 in the morning
what does making good grades do for you anyway?
{please play along}
I love my life
and my grades don't define me
or ruin my day
{eating my feelings always helps}

I get to be there for Chloe's Halloween this year
and I don't have to miss Stella's first Halloween
I am going to an OU football game
{great excuse to get out of any scary Halloween activities}
and it's guaranteed that I will get at least one kiss from
a very sweet stelly belly
{you know, Stella}
so suck it you very evil semester
you won't defeat me.

a few pictures that I have been loving for sometime now.
these have nothing to do with this post
they just make me happy.
For some reason I love the crimping in her hair
and I wouldn't eat sugar for a week to get that fullness in her hair
This cake just looks so yummy
it is a Guinness creme cake

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