Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in pictures {this is really long}

Becca, I love you. You are so funny.
I know you are doing wonderful things in New Zealand
{update your blog, please}

 glowing hearts
 I really heart you whitney riggs

 all sports

 my wonderful little

 my big

 oklahoma land run

 drove all the way from cleveland ohio, to goldsby oklahoma with these rascals.
The grace of God saved us.

 Chase turned 24

 couldn't have imagined a better person to walk me down the aisle

 the camera loves me


 best night EVER

 my big got married.
she is so courageous and strong.
I love her so much.


 I turned 22

 She is blessing so many people in New Zealand.
She is a servant.

you were such a wonderful year
I thank my God for everyday he gave me
some were hard
some were the best days I have ever had
I am looking forward to you
you are bringing such wonderful things my way
I hope that I don't take a single day for granted
or wish the day away.
I hope that I learn to be a better servant, friend, daughter, sister, aunt and wife.

{husband promised me a kitty if I could keep my side of the room picked up, so 2011 please bring a sweet kitty to me. It's already named}

Happy New Years!

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