Wednesday, December 15, 2010

not domestic

I don't do dishes
I don't do husbands laundry
{maybe I would but he washes his clothes to often... maybe I don't wash mine enough}
I basically don't do my laundry
I am haunted by a closet ghost
{he destroys my closet when I clean it. His favorite thing to do is, to take clothes off their hangers and never put them back on, and than he HIDES the hangers and thinks its funny when I find them with my foot under my clothes pile on the floor and they break in half}
{I am also haunted by a kitchen ghost, but that is another story for another time}
I don't cook nearly enough
Cooking really stresses me out
 but I have decided that enough is enough
Domestication here I come
and I will do this by
learning how to knit
After finals {only 3 more tests}
I am going to Hob Lob
and getting a knitting set
and I am going to learn how
how is that for being domestic
first thing I want to do is 
make a knit cowl, like this one below

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