Friday, February 4, 2011

I've lost my mind

I thought today was in fact Monday
I was really confused in class when my professor said 
have a good weekend
and that it was supposed to snow on Monday
when in fact it was snowing outside when he said those words
{I was thinking well, no duh it supposed to snow on monday, it is snowing, and it is monday}
I even have my Monday Lustday saved to the drafts and putting my final touches on it
and as I was about to push publish post
 I suddenly remembered
it IS Friday

Cabin fever is gotten to me
too bad my poor little car won't budge in this snow.
{she is quite the diva}

and this picture has nothing to do with this post
and it actually was taken this last summer
but it is one of my favorites of this sweet girl who loves tinkerbell and singing so much.


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