Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Last week
I was whipping my hair with my nieces
Teasing my hair like snooki
and being so sassy
my inner diva is telling me to take a break
I also rolled my eyes so much
 I am surprised my eyebrows are still attached. 

But all in all
It was my last Spring Sing
and it was such a good one.
I love my Theta sisters
and my best friends
and my nieces
and my husband.
this is my hair without a headband or bobby pins
Impressive, I know.
Theta was Miss America
It allowed my sass to be OUT OF CONTROL

and you know I love being sassy
my wave is to die for.
"What I like about me, I really want world peace"
"Can't you see, I'm your beauty queen?"


Morgandi said...

Love. This. Post.

Whitney J said...

oh my gosh i wish i had your hair!!! and those pictures of you and your mom are adorable! thanks for saying hi on my blog! :)

Cara Linn said...

I yelled for you, pretty girl! :) Hope you loved every minute of your last Spring Sing.

MaKenna said...

Thanks Morg!

Whitney, my hair is a beast its actually more like a lion's mane. It is ridiculous! haha! Thanks for saying hi on my blog!

Cara, Were you at spring sing? I wish I would have seen you! I enjoyed every moment of spring sing! It was so much fun!