Tuesday, May 17, 2011


i have a pretty obsessive personality. i also believe i am definitely a creature of habit, when i like something i really like something. when i like a song its all i can listen too. i could eat a sandwich everyday for lunch. when i crave chocolate chips cookies they are all i can eat and bake. i eat green olives everyday. i also have a hard time eating cheeze-its without being able to wash it down with a dr. pepper. i am obsessed with otter pops. it's a summer time staple.

i was looking in the freezer last night and the ice cream was sitting in an awkward place so i moved it, and all of a sudden the angels started singing and i started weeping and dancing and joyfully singing along with the angels i tell you! there behind the ice cream sat beautifully a bag of otter pops!

my sweetie husband bought me otter pops. later that night when i asked him about it he said that he saw them at the store and thought, "oh, makenna will love these, but i must hide them so she doesn't eat them all  in one day." it's true. sad, but true. i could eat the whole bag in one day. even if i'm full. i proudly can say that I only ate 3 in row. 

i love otter pops.

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