Monday, July 18, 2011

Just a tip on how to make the mister in your life feel needed and a bit like a superhero

when their is a bug around your house 
just grab the nearest bowl or cup
and capture them in it
but you must leave the capturing device and bug right where you capture it
and leave it there so your mister can dispose of it.
its a masculine job 
and for an added surprise effect
don't even tell him that you captured a bug in the middle of the hallway,
just let him find it!

I have successfully made my mister feel like batman about a dozen times already, and most of the time it's been left as surprise for him.
"But I always say the best kind of prize is a surprise!" 
{name that movie, morg you can't play}
{which is surprising he doesn't know when I do because I have a specific bug scream and I am sure I am not quiet about scrambling for the nearest bowl or cup, I also only use the bowls and cups he uses.. sweet I know.}

Just in case it doesn't work and he might get upset because you don't kill bugs because you know they will jump and attack you OR you just don't like the feelings (physically and emotionally) of killing a bug just flash him your best smile
{flashing him the girls always works too}
and he will gladly dispose of it.

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