Monday, March 9, 2009

Discount for pretty girl!

Coach purses, designer fashion, shoes galore,  Northface, and makeup, all for half price, even less? Okay, where do I go to get these items? I need them. Well this need was fulfilled in Beijing. Its something called the Chinese Silk Market. Its a black market, where you don't know where they got what they did, but they have it, and you don't question, you just bargain. 
Bargaining was hard for me at first, My first encounter was funny, I was trying to be nice and I totally fell into the whole her being sweet and nice and giving me "best deal" thing that they pull. I was so flustered that everyone on my trip was laughing at me because I broke out in hives. This happens very easily to me, my chest and neck get red spots all over. 
Some of the stuff you can tell is totally fake, like all of their purses (that's okay because I'm not a purse girl) But all of their shoes weren't that great. I am glad that I didn't go crazy and buy shoes their because not very many were cute. The Northface I bought is legit. I cant tell that its fake or anything. My Northface is now one of my favorite purchases from my trip.
The trick behind bargaining is not giving in. Start out really cheap and expect them to throw a fit and say "its 100% cotton is very expensive." If you are not a touchy person you probably shouldn't go, or just suck it up, because they will grab your arm everything to get you to buy it, pity them, or get your attention. 
Gradually start going up BUT don't even pay half price for anything. Its not worth, and more than likely its not real. When they are genuinely mad you know that you did your job and got a good deal. Also, keep your backpack and things you have bought in front of you, because China is notorious for pick pocketers and at the silk market it would be so easy for that to happen. Keep your money in a money belt. Cheesy but seriously, I would rather look stupid than have my money, passport, and debit card stolen. 
The Silk Market is a fun experience, don't go crazy there and buy all this stuff because more than likely it will start falling apart and it wont look as cool later. I did buy some makeup and its awesome, and when you buy clothing, test the stitching feel the inside, look for mistakes and if you really want it, show them. With my Northface the zipper wasn't the same as my friends who just bought hers and I showed them and got a discount. Also, one of my friends bought two pairs of Uggs for  $40 dollars and I got mine for $14 dollars. She also bought a pair of true religions for almost $100 dollars, and my other friend got hers for $20 dollars. Bargain bargain bargain. 

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