Monday, March 30, 2009

Traveling and Overnight Planes

I thought that this might be helpful, a list of things and ideas you need to travel for an extended amount of time. Only pack for two weeks. "Two weeks?" you are probably thinking, but yes, only pack for that amount of time. You don't need anything extra. Trust me, you will buy souvenirs and the lighter the load the easier to carry. We were only allowed one suitcase and two carry-ons. I wish that I would have used a big back pack that you hold on your back. The really big ones. It was really annoying rolling around a suitcase and picking it up to walk up stairs. I also feel like I would have been forced to pack less. I didn't pack a whole lot, but I wish I had less. Girls, bring skirts and dresses. They are easy comfortable and you can dress them up or dress them down. Bring plain t-shirts you will get sick of them by the end of your journey and they are easy. Chacos will be your best friend. A quick dry towel, are amazing. You NEED one. 
Here is a list of things that I loved, and didn't think about till the end. Bring pictures, it was so good to have pictures with me and look and remember the people I love and I get to come back too. Bring Crystal Light travel packs. Its nice to put them in your water, and get something new, its cheap, and good for you. Bring a pillowcase, its nice having your own pillowcase to put over the pillows in the hostels. They are clean, and they are washed, its just more comforting. Wet Ones and Hand Sanitizer. Use your imagination. Also, most airplanes will give you a blanket if you are on there for the long time. So please take advantage of that and take it with you when you leave. Its a good souvenir and extra blankets. A journal, my journals are my best friends, and its just a good place to go vent, and remember the little things you will forget.
Have fun. Make the most of EVERY opportunity, try your best to get rid of a bad attitude, if you need to be alone go to a park bring along your airplane blanket, your journal, ipod and go chill. Its not weird in other countries to see people laying down in parks, doing yoga, and what not. Most countries are a lot more quiet and chill and I loved the parks in Australia. Try foods you never thought you would, I regret this in China, it was probably the smartest decision but I just wouldn't eat some things, and its a good memory being able to say that you ate something really weird. Most of all, be open to the changes that you will see in yourself from traveling and trying new things. I bungee jumped off the tallest one in the world, I was the first to go out of my group, and I feel so accomplished and so good about myself. I also went Skydiving from 1500 feet. I am found a new confidence in myself, and I know that there is nothing I cant do. 

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