Monday, April 20, 2009

Why Live Life on the Edge When you Can Jump Off?

My trip was a trip of a lifetime. I risked my life on oh, several occasions. Was it worth it? Yes it was. I risked my life, (on my own will) and im a changed woman. There are things that I know that I can face, and I can conqure them. I did things that people wont even think about it attempting, and I did them and I'm here to tell you how glad I am that I did that, and how fun it actually was. I did things that made my stomach drop, and cringe, and tears were brought to my eyes just thinking about it, and lo and behold when my turn came up, I was the first to go.
The first extreme activity I conqured is bungy jumping. I bungy jumped in Macau. Its the highest of them all. I was standing 233 meters above Macau
. I was tied on with a rope, and a towel was wrapped around my legs to hold me up. Towels are "more comfortable to wrap your legs with" I was told. You walk out there and put your toes over the edge, the count down from five, and on one you fall. Feel free to watch it in action. It's not me, and the guy that is holding him out there, is the man that wrapped my feet in a towel and let me retie my sh
oes about 10 times. Another guy walked out there with me though. They have 2 people at the station with you and a guy video taping the whole time (I think for i
nsurance reasons.)
As I was standing on the edge, my stomach was in a huge knot, I was freaking out, but then a sudden calm came over me, that feeling of wanting to accomplish something and giving "you cant do this" a laugh in the face and say "watch me" and I fell. It was the best feeling in the world. It was so much fun. I wish I had the video and I wish I had the pictures. I didnt buy them and I regret that so much. I should have bought them. It would have been totally worth it.
The next thing I did was scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. This might not seem as extreme, but in my book it is. Getting in the ocean, that big ol ocea
n out there, a whole different new world that we are not allowed to be apart of. Its not my territory. I am a visitor, an alien, and I risked myself but ju
st jumping in the water. I a
m deathly afraid of sharks. Sharks live on the great barrier reef, I was a swimming lunch. I faced my fears and swam. I swam with 3 fish that were bigger than me. I put my hand in a giant clams mouth, I held a sea cucumber. I scrapped my knee on the reef (I am so sorry reef) and I breathed underwater. Un real. I do love being underwater, and have always wanted to be a mermaid. I got to be a mermaid for over an hour. It was amazing. 
I also got to sky dive in New Zealand. Now, that was so much fun. 
I fell 15,000 feet. It took 45 minutes to get to that elevation from a paper plane. Well, thats what I refer to it as. Its a little thing, that feels like its going to fall apart. We got so high that we had to get oxygen. It happens so quickly, there are about 6 people and there parachuter guy with you, and after the first one goes, your putting your feet under
 the plane and hanging out and falling before you know it. I got to fall in the most beautiful place on earth, and I got to observe its beauty from 15,000 feet and falling. Oh, its so fun.

I also climbed Mount Fuji Japan. It's tallest Japan, and its actually a volcano. That was a great experience, except the fact that half of our group quit halfway and still claim that they climbed fuji. They climbed for an hour. I climbed for six. It is offseason, there is no one else on the mountain and oh yeah we are climbing it all through the night. It was also probably the coldest I have ever been. I pulled my groin and could hardly move, and everyone was delirious. The thing that I loved is, it was the people that they didnt expect to make it ( girl wise) only four girls made it, and we stayed with each other, the boys were encouraging and no one got made at each other for being slower than one another. After each break we would dance to get pumped out to climb the next leg, and warm ourselves. It was so cold my water bottle lid froze. We made it up an hour before sunrise and had to wait, we got creative it the ways we tried to stay warm. As in getting in a line and spooning. 
Do everything you can when you get the chance. Don't hold back, just breathe, believe in yourself and do it. You will have this new confidence in yourself that it noticeable. Show the negative part of you the "you can't do this, you? You really think that you can do this, who are you kidding." Who you really are and show them that yes yes you can.

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