Monday, April 13, 2009

Campus Activities

View 63

Oklahoma Christian is a very active campus. It does its best in bringing the Campus closer together, and creating a family. It has many activities to chose from. You can chose, Summer Singers, social service clubs, plays, chicken Monday, spring sing, wishing well, dodge ball, and many more. One of the most heard quotes of the OC community is that it is a very spiritual and very close. View 63 is one of the spiritual activities that tie people together in the strongest bond possible.
View 63 is put on by the Student Life Office. It used to be held in Enterprise Square, the room was dark and illuminated with candles, and it was a very personal time between you and God. They would sing, and sometimes have a small devotional. Most people agree they feel most connected with God while they are singing. View 63 is still the same in many ways except that it has changed locations, starting in the fall of 2007. View 63 had a hard time finding one place where it felt right. It kept changing locations. Now this year, they have been consistent with their meeting place and that is held in the Summit at Memorial Road. 
Chance Vanover the dean of spiritual life, is the man in charge, and it so very passionate about View 63. He knows what its like to be a student and how stressful it is. He likes the aspect of being able to clear your mind for 30 minutes and praise God. "This is a time that I let go, and concentrate on God. Its a good time to come and just relax, worship Him, and leave with a feeling of peace." Chance Vanover said. "Its just a time for me to push all my worry, stress, and daily burdens for a short amount of time, and feel great after.
"I love View 63" senior Luke Panter says, "I look forward to it every Monday. I am a huge advocate for it, and have worked with Chance, to make it more appealing to students, because students are so bogged down with school, and have to go to chapel everyday, and get tired of "devotionals."
"It's a good place to put aside all the hectic, stressful and the 'too busy' feelings and focus on the Lord for awhile with other people," Senior Amanda Peery said. "I haven't been that much this year, but when I go, I love it."
"I love it when they turn out the lights. It's a very personal feeling, but you also feel this connection with other people around. Its a very cool and emotional feeling," Sophomore Leigh Ann Simms said. "I love it, I haven't had very much time this year, but I went all the time as a freshmen." According to students, Freshmen year tends to feel more open and free to get involved in activities.
"Isn't that the freshmen thing?" Sophomore Tara Benefield replied. "I have never been to it, but I remember freshmen year a lot of girls talked about it, and how much they loved it."
Like many other activities, it appeals to some more than others. "It is definitely worth going and trying out" Graduate Melia Turner said "I thought that I wouldn't like it as much after my freshmen year, because many of my friends didn't want to go because its a 'freshmen thing' but I just cant deny the feeling I have, when I go and fellowship with others. Freshmen may have more time, but I made the time to go, and so did many upperclassmen. So I say, Go go go. It's wonderful and I looked forward to going every Monday."

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