Wednesday, July 22, 2009

redneck past

I have something to admit. I am guilty of tying a string, dental floss, anything that can grasp and tie onto a June Bugs leg. I have let them fly around, like a pet of mine, because its funny, because it was the thing to do, because folks I am from the country. I never even thought that it could get worse than that, till I got myself out of the country and into another country and met this little boy.

Obviously, he is holding a baby bird. (bless its heart) But what you cannot see is that there is a string wrapped around its once, whole and unbroken leg. The string is fastened around his
wrist, so no one can take it away from him. They did this very often, and sometimes they would just throw the little birds around and play catch with them. They thought it was hilarious, and granted it was funny in a morbid way, the kind that makes your stomach sick, and you want to throw up, how you just cant stop watching, and you want to cry. I bet they ate them anyway. Hey, who doesn't like playing with their food.

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