Thursday, July 23, 2009

tent, sushi, and birthday sweets.

I have no pictures to show you but I promise I will get better about this.

Well, June 2nd is.. well, was Chase's birthday. He turned 23. We happened to be on vacation with his dad, so I didn't get to throw him a birthday. I had also just gotten back from a church camp so I didnt have him a present.

If you know me, I like to make things, so I had an IDEA of what I wanted to make him, I just hadnt had the time. So, when we got back from vacation I had to go to 2 church camps, and this is my week off. So, tonight was his birthday from me. It was fun, we ate sushi, and came back to my apartment and I made a tent out of sheets, and other various things and we watched a movie, and I made him this. For this icing I used Funfetti Chocolate Fudge icing, and it was to die for.

Oh and his present is a map of the USA and I circled all the places we have been, and then in a journal I wrote about the places we have been and things we did, and we are going to circle everywhere we go in the USA and write it in our journal so we can give it to our children.

We both of dreams of going to every state in the USA and traveling everywhere we possibly can outside of the USA. I just need to go to South America, and I have been to all the continents most people go, and I hope to be one of the few that go to Antarctica.
well, happy late birthday my sweet fiance.

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