Tuesday, August 18, 2009

call me

my fiance, is wonderful. he isnt the most outspoken person on his feelings. he lets me know in his own ways how much he cares for me, but not in the normal manner.

i am going to be an ra for the following school year. orientation has been this week, and its everyday all day. from learning about my job to getting our dorm ready. so i haven't seen chase at all this week.

so today i received a text message stating "call me" if you know me AT ALL, you know I am very, whats the word, worrier when it comes to loved ones, and my mind always goes to the worst. like for example, before i fly (in the USA) i call my sister..just in case. I never go to sleep mad... just in case. well, when i got this text message, my heart stopped and my stomach hurt.

i called him immediately. he picked up, i could here the TV in the background and he just said "Hi" in his goofy happy voice. I said, did you text me that because you wanted to talk to me because you missed me, and he said "no" and giggled. (yes.. he giggled) and I asked him again, and he said "maaybee" my heart at once melted.

this next line isnt for the faint of heart.

i love him.

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