Friday, August 14, 2009

ingrid michaelson

please go listen to this you are going to have to scroll down, it is this awesome song that ingrid made up and did it on garage band. i love it and listen to it oh maybe a million times a day. Its called keep me close, and she posted it July 21. 2009. (just helping you find it..who is you? you may be thinking, I dont know. no one read this except my biggest fan, mom that is you)

dear ingrid,

thank you for writing such beautiful songs. i whole heartedly can relate to every one of your songs, and surprisingly it has helped me grow, and mend wounds. you are truly wonderful. i even listened to you in far away lands. especially when i was in new zealand and australia.

ingrid i am planning a wedding, and as i go through my list of favorite songs it seems that only you will be playing at my wedding. oh cant you come and sing at my wedding. wont you please just come to okc for a concert? come to oklahoma, please please please please.


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