Friday, August 14, 2009

freshmen and friends

I know I know, this isnt my last year of college, but this is my 3rd year, and no im not technically a junior by hours, I still feel old and CANT believe that time has flown by so quickly. Freshmen year, was my favorite year of being at school. Freshmen have curfew at my school. It sucks, but all at the same time, its wonderful.

Gunn Henderson is the freshmen girls dorm, and it locks down at midnight on Sunday-Thursday 1:00 Fridays, and 12:30 saturdays. So all your girlfriends will be in their rooms at these times, and my group of girls, we would always meet in my friend Kayla and Allie's room. Boy would the stories begin, from boyfriends, breakups, (mom dont read the next word) makeouts (hopefully I made that small enough so my mom couldnt read that). People with terrible fashion sense, and everything and anything you could dream of.

It has also been brought to my attention that my group of friends and I, its crazy how much we know about each other, and all the details we tell each other. Nothingis left out. I just think I am blessed so much to have thesefriends.

I also must say, I have GREAT best guy friends. I love l
ove love them, and duh, they will always choose me over you. always.

Here are some pictures of my freshmen year. 2007-2008

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