Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rush Rush Rush Theta Theta Theta

I am rush director for my club Theta Theta Theta.

I have no life. I am under stress. I have tests the week of rush events that are every night. Lord, please help me.

I am so excited about it, and its going to be so great. There are just a million little things that go along with it, that I didn't know about.

I just sent out an e-mail, and forgot one detail. I am debating whether or not to email it, because its super annoying to get a million emails from one person... I don't want to be that one person.. but I guess I must face it.... Maybe I will send it in the morning... Lord, help me.

I am fearful that NO ONE is going to rush Theta. Because I AM rush director...

I am also fearful for the lack of sleep and this pesky swine flu that is running around. Lord, please help me.

I am an RA, so that means NO SLEEP.

I am Rush Director, so that means NO SLEEP.

I am planning a wedding, so that means. MOM & MORGANDI HELP ME.

My fiance is starting to miss me, because, I HAVE NO LIFE. and I am sorry Chase that you just cant be apart of my busy busy busy life.

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