Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding business..

I am super excited..

I now know who is going to be doing my invitations, and everything that goes a long with that.

I am meeting with her on Friday. She is so wonderful, and such a Godly woman. I really love her. (her sister is one of my best friends)

Her name is McKenzie Ross, her and her family own Adora, and she is also a graphic designer. Her work is amazing. Check it out here

Chase and I have both traveled the world (I am up one country than him though..boo yah) so I am wanting to incorporate that in our invitations and what not. I am not worried though, with the help of McKenzie, I am not too fear.

I am also obsessed with vintage inspired things.

I am also obsessed with polaroids.

I am also obsessed with cupcakes

and this guy..

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