Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wedding filled weekend.

last weekend I went to a bridal fair.
I was super excited, because I heard, everyone always wins a prize.
like always, I didnt win a _____ thing.
(I am going overboard with the "fill in your own word right here line" I am sorry)

But I did get to eat..
5 cupcakes,
3 spoons full of fruit pearls,
2 mushroom pastry things,
and some drinks.
Right mom?
(pomegranate lemonade is bomb.)

I did get some good ideas though.
Well, reassurance of the vendors I had in mine to use.
AmyCakes... Please don't be too expensive you are so good
Dear Abbey Road Catering... Can I please just have the fruit pearls, for a decent price?
Okay okay, I will get more of your delicious food, what if I give you my families secret pie recipe, and my mom cooks for you... could I get a discount?
Poppy Lane Designs... Your flower arrangements are so beautiful, you were such a sweet person that I could have talked to all day... please don't be overly priced, or way over budget for me.. I really liked you.

Dear old snobby "I'll be your last call" woman.
You were snooty and rude. I am sorry that I don't have a plan B for my outside wedding.
Your rude snooty look and comment did not make me want to hire you.
I don't want a wedding coordinator.
especially you.
you cost way to much.
and I mean WAYYYY to much.
My wedding doesn't need your help, I can do it by myself and it will be 100 times better than your plans for my wedding ever would be.. You and your Plan B can march yourselves on out the door.
Can I get an AMEN?

I am super excited about niece.

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