Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I know what my sister is having... BOO YA

My SISTER IS HAVING A _________ AND ___ NAME WILL BE _____ ______ LASHLEY!!!!

I cant wait till my sister announces it because I cant wait to talk about ____. It is going to be so strange being an aunt to two babies. I can't imagine developing another love like I have for Chloe, but you know its already in the making.

Baby ____ will you get here already? Your auntie kenna wants to play with you, but listen, if you cry or have a poopy diaper off to ya-ya or mommie, or better yet... Uncle Chestes you go.

Chloe Starr... Don't be jealous. Chase is still your boyfriend, and I am still your favorite person that always seems to over stimulate you and you always end up in a laughing cry tantrum..

Ya-ya will still love you so much, and she will always be your safe person, who will do anything for you. Except give you a fake ID..thats my job.

Matt will still pick on you, and hang you over the stairs by your feet, and than make you cry and feel terrible because he will be so hurt that you didnt trust him and actually thought that he would drop you and kill you, he loves you to much to do that..
(Chloe had an upset stomach and on the count of 3, she tooted..)

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Morgandi said...

This made me cry. You are so sweet!