Monday, November 30, 2009

getting things done..

but not my school work...
I FINALLY know what I am doing for my save the dates.
I have wanted to make them myself, so I have searched and searched, and found it.
Now, I don't want to tell you where I find them because I don't want you to look at them and receive mine, and think wow thats ugly.
You still probably will, but hey, a girl can try.
I will however give you a sneak peek.
yes I made these by myself, and more.
I was on the phone with my sister and told her my idea and than said "I should probably talk to Amy Kelly first"
She said "Definitely talk to Amy Kelly first"
So, Amy, I will need you help putting these bad boys together.
I will take you to chick-fil-a
and even buy you an ice cream cone or cup.

The head piece I want.
I am so excited,
this is so beautiful and was sold out.
I thought about not putting it up, but chase has already seen it.
In my excitement I forgot to not talk about it.
So now my stupidity is your reward.
its beautiful and mine.

I hope you had wonderful Thanksgiving.

also, this might be useful to some of you silly girls out there
"Keep your friends close, and enemies closer"
(Hailey, I hope you understand, text me if you don't get it.)

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AK said...

I love that I am mentioned on your blog and yes anything you need, I am there!!!