Tuesday, December 1, 2009

im one of THOSE girls

I just love it when comments come back and bite you in the butt
I make fun of girls who wear their pony tail on top of their head in public
I do it in private but NEVER in public
well, I am making my first public appearance with
my pony tail on top of my head and wet
hey, dont judge
I went swimming this morning
and almost drowned
all for the love of looking like a super model when I get married
I have about oh 50 pounds to go.


Anonymous said...

haha looking good makenna. You get that swimming!

katyjo30 said...

It gets easier. See you Thursday?

Morgandi said...

That's exactly how my hair looks right now. Except I didn't swim. Reminds me that I should probably wash my hair this week. By the way, you could stand to gain a few pounds, skinny minny.

AK said...

I love your cute hair and I want to go swimming with you! :)

katyjo30 said...

Mak my dear. I found Anthrolopogie from your blog.

I blame you.

See you in the morning at 7:30. Phase 5 110.