Friday, November 13, 2009

life through the lens of the iPhone

iPhoto has this awesome app.
It's called ShakeItPhoto
I have a love for old vintage pictures
especially Polaroids.
I long to have a wall of Polaroids one day.
Well here are some of the pictures I have taken with it.
So I downloaded the app and took a picture
I call chase to see what he is doing thinking that we can spend the day playing with my new app
nope he is sick
So I go over
(scroll down)
and this is what I find.
a very pitiful sick boy.
what makes everything better?
Homemade chicken soup.

see everything is now better.
the moral of the story..
do NOT take care of anyone when they are sick.
you will get it......
the end.

now here are some of my favorites.
you may see lushberries more than once..
im such a sucker.

1 comment:

Sara said...

I love these pics! And I immediately went and downloaded the app and have been playing with it taking pictures. So fun! Thanks :-)