Thursday, November 12, 2009

I knew there was a reason

The other night I was over at Chase's, and I was looking at one of my guilty pleasures online
It is so wonderful on so many levels.
I was looking at bedspreads and stuff and I came across one that I LOVE, so I showed Chase
thinking he would turn it down saying it was dumb, but no, he said he LOVED IT!
So, if any of you out there that are just dying to buy us a present, this is what I want.

We just need the quilt, and shams if you are extra nice.
you can find it here.
I than started just looking at everything else they have, cause normally I just look at the clothes and shoes. Well I came across a tab that said hardware, so I looked, and my wildest dreams came true.
Yes, I have finally found a hardware store that is full of beautiful things, that allow me to be as sassy, and quirky, and girly as I want! Here are some lovely things I found

I than clicked over to the Kitchen section, I was NOT dissapointed, it was NOT to good to be true, Anthropologie, thank you for letting me be me everywhere in my house. Not only will my shoes and clothes look amazing, I can look and have beautiful things EVERYWHERE.
Now, can you possibly be a little cheaper?

measuring cups! HOW CUTE ARE THEY!

So Anthopologie,
Thank you for helping me ease into this whole "wife" role.
You make it seem fun, cute, quirky, and girly.
I don't have to turn into a old boring person, who doesn't have any style, that lets herself go, No, you make me want to be a wife, because I see there is hope.
Thank you.

*** Santa, please bring me EVERYTHING on this blog. Love, Me***

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