Friday, December 4, 2009

Dead Week

Things I get to look forward too in the supposed week of having no school work, to help you study for finals.
Tuesday- 8 page paper due, presentation, psychological stats due, New stats homework that is due next Monday. Dorm Devo that I am giving @ 8.
Wednesday- Test and Chapter Reviews due, Budget for Family Studies
Thursday- 4 page article due for Psych Stats which is almost impossible to find an article over what we are supposed to write about

I have to all of this including Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday workouts at 7:30 in the morning.
Plus, I have to stay up till 1 o'clock to check the freshmen for curfew which means not going to bed till 2 until Christmas Break.

In between all of this, I have to finish my Save-the-Dates.
Red Bull and the grace of God is going to be the only thing keeping me alive.

I just love school.

but you know, in my time of despair I just look at these picture and I know everything will be okay... cause I get to see this stinker in 20 days.


Morgandi said...

And I thought you were just excited to see me...

katyjo30 said...

SOOOO sweet. I get to see my stinker in one week! AKA that's when he will be born!

I'm so glad you're working out with us and introduce me to Jillian. My butt thanks you.