Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bawl bag day

was officially "bawl bag day"
yes, I cried multiple times in one day.
over what you may ask?
Well, lets see, I think I worked out too much on monday
So, my body went into a shock yesterday and I think I pulled muscles
yes, it hurts that bad.
So, I have been in pain.
Well, I didnt go to bed till around 3 o'clock in the morning on monday night
didn't have time for a nap yesterday.
Had psych stats class
well, I watched The Wonder Years last night
its the episode where Kevin's great aunt rose died
he over heard is grandpa asking his dad if he bought his plot next to his
he realized that his parents can die
well, at the end of the show Kevin asks his dad
"Please, don't die dad"
I swear, a river was coming out of my eyes, I lost it.
Chase made fun of me
Than I started talking about when I realized that parents die
it was when I was really little and we were in our old house
I was watching Land Before Time
and his mom dies, I ran out of the room and found my mom, bawling..


Pac Rim also came back yesterday
I went to see the home, and when they got off the bus, I started crying hahah
and multiple times before..

Well, Just to clarify, I think I was tired, so thats my excuse for crying.

I really am happy.

my head piece came in the mail today.
its beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

i want to see your headpiece!! and workout with you.