Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 to be continued

I promise I am going to post something about it being 2010
I just don't feel like it.
I have been busy, and relaxing all break.
I need to stop making so many plans for every break
I just like making plans.

I have had a WONDERFUL break.
I am currently in Cleveland, Ohio with my sister
and my niece.
She is such a ham.
and its snowing..
the pretty kind of snow.
not the kind that gets you stuck in a blizzard
enabling you to go home on christmas eve
and christmas morning.

I have done nothing for my wedding this break
well, I did pick out my flowers.
I am so excited, and the flower shop is SO excited about doing the flowers.
They love what I had picked out
It makes me feel good, that they love what I am doing
and that they are excited to do it

but I was supposed to
- order bridesmaid dresses
- order the tables, chairs, etc.
- finish and mail my save the dates
- make Chase pick out his grooms cake
- check into a tent

but I haven't done any of that.
I also don't get back into oklahoma until thursday.
I have to move in on Saturday
pack and organize for school and Friday.
did I mention that I fly in at 8:05 p.m.
my, how the time has slipped away.

anyone want to help me with my save the dates?

Dear The Flaming Lips
you are amazing!
thank you for making this new year unforgettable.
You were right, no party in New York City, Dallas, or anywhere else
was as awesome as New Year's Eve Freak Out #3.

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