Monday, January 4, 2010

My Second Decade

It's hard to believe that I am starting in my third decade.

For a majority of the time, I still feel like a little girl.

I get my age wrong, I always have.

I have said I am 19, when I am 21.

When I was 20, I said I was 18.

When I was 18, I said I was 16.

I am not one to get stuck in the past,

I more so get stuck in the future.

I just hate that time flies, and the older I get, the faster it goes.

I can't believe that I am a junior, in college.

I think of freshmen year like it was yesterday.

Time is flying

And I am starting a new decade,

And going to do my best to not waste one day.


- spent NYE of 1999 with my mom, I was at a friends house, but got sentimental and wanted to spend such a monumental time with my mom. So I called her saying I was sick, and she came and got me.

- transitioned to junior high when I started 6th grade.

-laughed in science class when we went over anatomy.

-had a 3-year crush on a boy with glasses

- wasn't one of the tallest in my class when all the boys hit puberty

- cheated on a math assignment and got caught

- skipped class

- jumped out of the window when the teacher left the room

- got sent to the principals office

- got detention

- learned that yes it's okay to stand up for yourself, but not during class, to a teacher. (and not to use attitude)

- played in my first school basketball game

- practiced with the high school girls over Christmas break

- learned just how mean girls can really be

- got grounded

- got baptized

- had my first kiss

- got kissed at church camp

- had my first boyfriend

- broke up with my first boyfriend on Christmas Eve

- wasn't allowed to wear makeup

-became freshmen in high school

- terrified my first day of high school

- played pranks on boys

- decided to grow my hair out

- participated in my first homecoming

- played 9th grade basketball and varsity basketball

- got my drivers permit

- got my drivers license

- got my first cell phone when I was 16

- got the Ashlee Simpson CD for my 16th birthday

- got every NOW cd

- quit playing the piano

- Tessa Knight became more than a relative, she became my best friend

- allowed to wear my make up when I turned 16

- got kissed by a really cute guy during a game of the body part game, at a Student Council Convention at West Moore

- had my world fall apart

- watched my sister get married

- watched my sister move to Chicago

- won 3 state championships

- hated every day of high school

- graduated high school

-moved out and moved into OC apartments to work in the student life office 1 week after graduation.

- grew up that summer

- became a freshman at OC

- found my best friends during Freshmen Fanfare and Intramurals

- 'got naughty' during football intramurals

- embarrassingly met my future husband at a wedding by hitting his butt with my hand

- became close with Amy Kelly (you are more than a blessing in my life)

- slept through my alarm and missed my first classes

- failed my first APE exam.

- had a crush on my APE teacher

- loved every minute of first semester

- snuck out of tinius a million times by jumping over the fence

- had my first college break up

- missed my friends so much over Christmas break

- saw my future husband in the bookstore with my best friend and raved about how handsome he is, and she had to remind me that I had a boyfriend

- hung out with my future husband, decided I didn't like him, decided I really liked him.

- had a monumental talk with him after an ex wouldn't leave him alone when we first started dating. ( he was such a gentlemen and had it taken care of before I knew the extent of it)

- he said, "I don't know if this makes sense, but I do not believe in divorce"

- had the best of friends

- witnessed this, "Then the circle of your friends, will defend the silver living."

- loved second semester

- had the best summer

- traveled the world first semester of sophomore year

- rode bikes on Xi’an wall

-climbed the great wall

-saw the terra cotta soldiers

- ate the best sweet and sour chicken in Beijing

-lived with a host family in Japan

-climbed Mt. Fuji

- went to the Hiroshima memorial

-bungee jumped off the highest tower in Macau (over 600 feet)

- sky dived 15,000 ft in New Zealand

- snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

- saw a ballet in the Opry House

- went to Pearl Harbor memorial in Hawaii

- Chase told me he loved me after his graduation

- my sister had Chloe Starr

- Fell in love with Chloe Starr

- rushed Theta Theta Theta (and got in)

- got engaged

- turned 21

- my best friend got married

- Was an RA (worst decision ever, don't do it)

-Quit being an RA

- Conquered psychological stats

- Found a love in cooking

-Wednesday night girl’s night at mcnellies

I have learned so much during my life, it definitely has been amazing, yes, there are regrets, yes there was heartache, but I think the good outweighs the bad.

I am so excited for this next year.

Happy New Year

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AK said...

I loved reading this! What a great way to start the new decade.