Monday, January 18, 2010


This Saturday was a good day
I did Pilate's at 10 a.m.
it was wonderful, hard, and relaxing all at the same time.
except for the fact that my muscles were shaking harder than this older woman sitting beside me
how embarrassing
well, I wasn't hungry all day, I barely ate anything, and I was lazy and really tired.
I got dressed to go to the Mont Lyons concert
and was SO excited to have pizza at Sauced
so I didn't eat dinner.
Well, I drove to Chase's apartment
and everything went downhill
it was a terrible night
I threw up every 15 to 30 minutes for 10 hours.
including other things that are not lady like to talk about it.
(talking about throwing up isn't either, but its amusing)

chase was wonderful.
he definitely understand for better or worse
because it was ugly.
and he was super sweet.
I am a lucky girl.

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