Monday, April 19, 2010

Wedding Etiquette

As brides we have a lot of rules to follow
We feel we have the need to reach everybody's expectations of the wedding.
Example being the time of the wedding and that affecting food.
Everyone expects to have food, why?
We are faced with many issues of stepping on peoples toes.
Dancing or no dancing
Alcohol or no alcohol
Traditional ceremony or whatever you want.

I don't know why there isn't a wedding etiquette manual for everyone else.
There sure needs to be one.
So here is my little one, feel free to add on.

1. DO NOT ask if you are invited to the wedding. That's rude and awkward. This also includes asking over e-mail, text messages, and facebook. Asking also includes saying stuff like I haven't received a save-the-date or invitation yet.

2. DO NOT expect to be invited. It costs money for every single person, just be considerate.

3. Don't throw a fit and hurt someone's feelings if there is dancing and/or alcohol. Especially because it's their day, if they want that than that's their decision. Don't ruin it for them. But I guess there always has to be a party pooper.

4. Don't pig out when you go through the food line. Catering is expensive. Just, don't be that person. It's a wedding, not Golden Corral.

5. Don't expect to be a bridesmaid and groomsman. Don't throw a fit about it either.

6. DO NOT ask how much the brides budget is. Don't try to figure it out either, both are Rude Rude Rude.

7. Do Not ask how big the diamond is or how much. That is none of yo beeswax.

8. Don't ask how much the wedding dress cost, don't ask the style and designer of the dress just so you can snoop online for the price. Why does it matter? Is it too much to ask to just be happy that she found her dress?

9. A wedding is about the bride and groom, embrace that, and enjoy that for them. It doesn't matter if it isnt "ordinary" or how you would do it or did it. Im sorry sweetie, but its not about you today.

10. DO NOT ASK WHEN THEY ARE HAVING CHILDREN. Seriously? Even family, don't bring it up, that is SO personal. Just think about it, would you like someone asking you how menopause is going, how your sex life is, when you are going to move into a retirement home? No I don't think you would, don't ask when they are having babies. Especially when they aren't even married, or newlyweds. Let them be married. There will be babies when there are babies, and there is nothing you can do about it. So DONT ask.

Just be happy for the couple.
Don't bring your drama to the table,
it might get to the point where the bride will just brush it off the table
just like that,
and not care about your feelings
because obviously you can't even consider
because you are being selfish.


Anonymous said...

haha Makenna I love you. People still ask me all the time when we are going to have children, it started as soon as the ring came on and still hasnt stopped. ALSO about the food situation, ours was at night and we "technically" were suppose to do dinner but instead bought a lot of snacking food... i think you were there you would know. OK love ya girlie. dont stress just be so happy that it is almost here!!!!!


Morgandi said... I invited to the wedding?

chase said...

dont talk to me after the wedding because everyone knows that i would rather be somewhere else doing something else.

MaKenna said...


I hate to do this on here, but no you are not. Chloe and Stella.. yes.

Anonymous said...

Makenna, this was GREAT! The attitude was absolutely necessary and everything you said was just perfect. ;] I guess the people who get rude about these sorts of things are just jealous... The first question one of my friends asked me after I got engaged was, "How many karats is it?!" The truth was, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW myself! I hadn't asked him... I asked him after that... but AHHGH!

Jessica said...

I say, do what you want and who cares. I've taken a very zen attitude and decided that nothing else matters at the end of the day besides the fact that we're married. Everyone else can just deal with it. I don't care...harsh? Maybe, but that's life. Good luck with everything else :)

Mandy said...

Um, I didnt get my save the date yet. Oh gosh, I shouldn't have just said that!

Nicah said...

Good for you! It's your day, live it up pretty lady!