Wednesday, May 19, 2010


one month to the wedding
my inner diva is truly shinning.

11. Do not come to someone's wedding or keep assuming and be awkward that you are coming when you have not gotten an invitation. Some people can't have everyone in the world come. Especially when its in a front yard, and chairs are being ordered to the exact number that RSVP'd. Its nothing personal, I promise, but please just be understanding.

12. When you know that someone's friend is going to their wedding. Don't keep asking for them to come to yours, and than pay them to come to your wedding.


Anonymous said...

its ok to be a diva. p.s. great pics!

Anonymous said...

WHAT?! someone payed someone to go to their wedding instead of yours? are you kidding me?

MaKenna said...

Anonymous I'm intrigued. Who are you?

welovebeingtaylors said...

This all (and the previous list) makes me so so appreciative.

Can I just say that I've had almost all of these rude notions happen?!
Oh wedding drama.