Sunday, May 2, 2010

woe is me...

Losing weight is a win lose situation,
It's awesome that I am not obese anymore
and down to my healthy weight range
I feel great and healthy
(I might not look it)
You're probably saying, than what is the lose situation?
I'll gladly tell you.
My clothes don't fit.
Dresses that I bought for wedding festivities are too big.
They look super unflattering.
Ya ya ya, my wedding is in June plenty of time to find other outfits and alterations..
My Engagement pictures are on Wednesday.

please alteration lady fix my dresses...


chase said...

I haven't seen you in a while...
you lost weight?
that's dangerous!
you were already so thin
and looking fine

katyjo30 said...

The predicted weather for June 17-21 is the same as mine: "scattered t-storms, warm."

But what do Farmers know?