Sunday, May 30, 2010


I am not nervous about being married
14 month engagement took care of that
But there are two things that make me nervous
totally and completely nervous.
One of them is Grocery Shopping...
How does one do this?
First off, who likes going to the grocery store?
ok, I love going to the grocery store, with anyone who has a list for themselves, and knows what they are doing..
but NOT by myself or shopping for someone else
that someone else being
a boy.
We like different things
I could live off fruit, veggies, pasta, and ice cream
Chase likes these things, but NEVER possess them.
sometimes ice cream
never fruit or veggies.
I don't like what he eats, at all.
because lets face it, your offspring dont have much of a say

the next one is...
I do not know how.
I can make a good pie, simple pasta, and a bowl of ice cream..
Its so intimidating
knives, stoves, utensils, spices
I mean, these things are dangerous
and I am supposed to make food with them!

Dear Husband
I am sorry that I don't like to do laundry
I am sorry that I absolutely despise doing the dishes
I am sorry that the vacuum is almost too loud for me, and might freak me out
I am sorry that I am terrified of grocery shopping
and most of all
I am sorry that cooking is not my forte
I would rather have someone else do it for me
I would rather go out to eat.
I am really good at calling and making reservations.
I am sorry that most of the time I read the directions wrong
I am sorry that I don't know how to use any of the lovely kitchen supplies we registered for..

but I promise you that I will try to go running with you, and maybe not shed a tear, or continuously talk about how boring I think it is, and I promise that I will play frisbee with you, and I promise that I will not fall asleep during A movie that we watch past 8 p.m.

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