Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Big Beaver

This my friends, is the BIG Beaver
in Beaver, Oklahoma
Home of the Dusters.
Home of Debbi Akridge and Coeta Akridge
{that's my mom and sonny aka grandma}
this is where I will be going today till friday
oh Beaver isn't going to know what hit them
because we will be bringing
1. Sonny {duh, she lives there}
2. My mom {on the left}
3. Me {throwback prom '05}
4. My sister {she is a running, skinny machine}
5. Stella
{yes, stella you are going. you just thought you were getting in the car to go to the ymca}
6. This hot mess named Chloe
I really do love going there. I love sonny's house.

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