Wednesday, October 6, 2010

first thing first

My wedding was at my house
I would not change that for the world
it was so special, and so calming to have it there.
I was able to get ready in the bathroom I grew up getting ready in
I was able to get dressed in my bedroom
I wasn't worried about not having the things I needed
because I was at my house. 
I think my house is absolutely beautiful
and my mom is such a wonderful gardner 
it was just perfect. 

I would suggest getting married somewhere that is just perfect for you
and that won't stress you out.

I would say though
that it is a common misconception to think that 
having a wedding at a house is cheaper
you have to rent everything that a venue already has.
{but I have never had a wedding at a venue}
Just set a budget and stick to it.
I promise that no one will notice if your silverware is the cheap plastic
and the napkins are plain. 
{it all gets thrown away anyway}

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