Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am stuck in place 
and I am having trouble getting out
I am in a stupid funk
that isn't very pleasant to be around
I am crying almost everyday
ask the husband
he is getting the brunt of it
I wish I could blame it on the steroids
but I am taking antibiotics
I wish I could blame it on that time of the month
but that was two weeks ago

so I am sorry that nothing lustful has been posted on my blog
or very pleasant things to read
I have been busy with school work
and stuff
hopefully I will get out of it soon.

but here is a wedding that I have been starring at all week.

{via www.foryouloveme.com}

I still don't know how to tag since I updated blogger

1 comment:

Brin said...

i don't know what your funk is about, but i'm in one too. maybe it's going around. i hope yours ends soon.